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The heartbeat of the One-God

Anno: 2015

Editore: Angelo Bona Editions

Pagine: 378

The heartbeat of the One-God

Past-life regression and encounters with spirit masters

The meeting of Dr. Bona with a patient, David, without any psychological problem, opens unsuspected scenarios on the soul dimensions. The hypnotic trance of this patient-not-patient flows in territories across the border, where high spiritual leaders face the great themes of humanity: love, contemporary society, death, meditation, evil, sickness, time . In this text, Dr. Bona reports faithfully the dialogues he had with David during the trance, which opened extraordinary contacts with the other dimension. The Guides of the One sent to mankind through a pure channel messages of infinite wisdom. They come together in a unique, bright commandment of love enshrined in the vibrant words of the Masters connoisseurs of Mayan and Toltec wisdom: the reality as experienced by us every day is a spell in which the two do not exist, but it always flows in the One.

Dear friends, the text extends its frequencial beat to the present time and integrates new messages from the Guides to the apex of the spiritual realization of David, a special patient-friend. I consider this book a Yoga-Psychotherapy of progressive growth of an ordinary man who became one in the One. In the path of this starship, so it is metaphorically called the protagonist, they read the stages of ascent of a soul that becomes Master. The first session of regressive hypnosis dated to 18,000 years ago, the recognition of David by the Guide as Star of Awareness. Each of us can learn this example of growth and elevation directing their feet into the way of the One.